Our Mission

Tatoshi enable the mass adoption of blockchain applications

The management of cryptographic keys is still too complicated for the majority of people. This is a big blocker for the mass adoption of blockchain applications. We offer the first mass capable key management solution that is easy to use and secure for anyone to handle.

Our Service Offering

We are serving consumer and business customers. Our offer consists of software products and customized software development.

Tatoshi Wallet

Our non-custodial consumer wallet with social key recovery functionality

Tatoshi Professional

Our ‘Travle-Rule’ compliant wallet as a service for virtual asset service providers (VASP)

Tatoshi Service

Supporting your excellence. Brain- and manpower for your IT-project

Flutter Migration Cost Calculator

Our calculator shows you how much the migration of native apps to Flutter would cost and how quickly this investment will pay off for you.

Our Partners

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Tatoshi AG, Gotthardstrasse 26, 6300 Zug, Switzerland