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Tatoshi Professional

Travel Rule Compliance Made in Switzerland

Tatoshi Professional is a solution designed for Virtual Asset Service Providers to comply with the FINMA Guidance 02/2019 “Payments on the blockchain”. It provides a technical solution to ensure that VASPs are only sending and receiving blockchain transactions from wallets that belong to their customers.

Tatoshi Professional is the only user friendly tool that complies with the FINMA regulation

The Travel Rule requires that information about the client and the beneficiary are transmitted with payment orders. As this is not technically possible on the blockchain, Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP) may only interact with wallets owned by their customers or with other recipients that they have identified to the same extent as their customers.

While the FAFT regulation requires this only for transactions between two VASPs, the FINMA regulation goes further and requires compliance with the Travel Rule for Swiss VASPs for all transactions, including those with private non-custodial wallets.

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Our Solution – An external non-custodial wallet which is linked to your internal client-ID

Our external non-custodial wallet can be linked with your internal Client-ID, ensuring that you are solely transacting with your clients.


We are providing your customers with an external, non-custodial wallet, this means the Private Key is only with your client


By linking your client-ID with the client’s Extended Public Key, all transactions with this wallet can be uniquely assigned to your corresponding clients


Your client can use this wallet to correspond with other wallets, without having to follow Travel Rule


By storing encrypted recovery data of your clients’ Private Keys, you protect them from losing their funds.

Further Features

In addition to compliance functionality, we offer further features to help you better serve your clients.


BCryptographically encrypted shares of the private key are distributed so that the client can recover at any time.


Our mobile app provides you a secure and instant communication channel with your clients


If your client agrees, you can have read-only access to your client’s external wallet. This can be necessary, if you would like to charge him a fee for your services.

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