Enabling Local Bitcoin Dealing

Tatoshi's Local Dealer Functionality

We are now supporting peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading

Last night we launched the latest release of our app. Please update it form the Apple App Store to activate our latest innovation. Local peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading.

Providing access to Bitcoin for everyone

“Where can I buy Bitcoins?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our users. For users from the EU, South Korea, Russia and Mexico we offer the possibility to buy Bitcoins with your credit card. But what about the rest of the world?

Focus on Southeast Asia, but everywhere available

The majority of our users live in Southeast Asia and we thought we needed to find a way for them to buy Bitcoins. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a service provider that would offer credit card-based Bitcoin trading in these countries.

We believe that the best way to serve these customers is to support local peer-to-peer trading of Bitcoin in these countries. That’s why we implemented the Local Dealer feature. You can find it in the “Buy/Sell” section of our app.

Of course, we have not limited this function to the Asia region. In fact, it is available everywhere except in the US.

Tatoshi is matching buyer and seller of Bitcoins

With this new feature you can place an ad that you would like to buy or sell Bitcoins. This ad will be displayed to all other users in your country. Please indicate in your ad which city you live in, how much fee you would charge for a trade and what your trading limit is. Adding an image of you will increase attention to your ad.

If someone is interested in trading Bitcoins with you, they can contact you via Tatoshi text message. You can then start a conversation about the details of the trade and find out where you would like to meet in person. We strongly advise you to trade only with people you meet in person and exchange cash and Bitcoin all at once.

Our service offering

We know that the functionality at this stage is very simple. It’s just a billboard for advertising in combination with a messenger. This service is not an exchange or trading platform. We do not offer a fiduciary service and are not involved in any transactions you may enter into with other users. Please note that if you are dealing with a local trader, you do so at your own risk, we do not give any warranty or guarantee. We are not liable for any losses that may result from dealing with other users.

Like I said, it’s all up to you now. If we find that you like this feature, we will expand it and make local trading more convenient for you.


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