New Feature: Proof-of-Wallet-Ownership Signature … usable for everyone!

With today’s update Tatoshi Wallet provides a new and very important feature, the “proof-of-wallet-ownership signature”.

If you would like to receive Bitcoins from a regulated financial service provider, you have most probably already been asked to provide a ‘proof-of-wallet-ownership’-signature for your receiving address.

This was until now a very complicated and time-consuming exercise. With Tatoshi Wallet if now becomes easy and convenient.

Regulated financial service providers need to be sure that external wallets, with which they are transacting, belong to their customers. This means, that before they will send you Bitcoins to your receiver address, they will ask you for a proof that you own the private key related to this address. They will send you an arbitrary text message and ask you to sign this text message with the private key that relates to the receiving text.

Please watch the video below to learn how easy it now is with Tatoshi Wallet.

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