Stop Losing Private Keys and Bitcoins – Treble Wallet Provides a Community Based Private Key Recovery

After 12 months of development, we have now released our Treble Wallet app. I would especially like to thank our developer team and all other supporters, who enabled this, through their commitment, night shifts and working through weekends.

Treble Wallet app is supposed to be so secure and easy to use, that it can enable the mass adoption of Bitcoin.

The biggest security risk in handling Bitcoin is ensuring a secure storage of your Bitcoins. In the past years, Bitcoins worth more than 16 bn USD were irrevocably lost through the loss of their related “Private Keys”. Many of you probably know articles about hard disks that were thrown away, apps that were accidently deleted or notes that could not be found anymore. There are many ways you could lose your “Private Key” and with that, the access to your Bitcoins.

With the Treble Wallet app, we are providing a solution for this problem. Our users can store data to recover their “Private Key” with their friends & families. If a user should lose his mobile phone, he can easily recover his “Private Key” with the help of his friends. This helps to avoid loss of our user’s Bitcoins.

The encryption of the recovery data ensures that no one, except the owner, will ever have access to the “Private Key”. Our users will always have full control of their Bitcoins.

Next to security, a mass capable Bitcoin Wallet needs to provide usability which is much better than everything that is currently out there on the market. We have used popular messenger apps as an inspiration for our user interface. Our ambition is to make Bitcoin transactions as easy as writing a text message.

Well, now it is up to you to evaluate if we have reached our goals. The app is now available in the Apple App Store. The Android version will follow soon. For the first release, we have focused on the recovery function. We still have much more features in mind, which will soon be released.

In the first phase, you will need an invitation from an existing user to register our app. This is to ensure that you know at least one person in our network from the very start. The person who invited you is automatically your first protector, who will take care of your recovery data.

Feel free to invite as many people as you like. You can delete your recovery data, with any Protectors at any time. If you do not yet know any Treble Wallet user in your area, please use our internet page to register. We will send you an invitation code immediately. You can also follow the blog on our internet page to see which Bitcoin meet-ups in Europe we are attending. You are invited to use these events to connect with us, share recovery data or ask anything you would like to know about Treble Wallet.

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