‘Treble Wallet’ will soon be ‘Tatoshi Wallet’

We have listened to our users’ feedback and changed the name of our wallet. Thanks to everyone for their valuable input and support.  

When we started the development more than a year ago, we figured out, that number three is a significant figure for our project. We were three people who started this, three parts are needed to recover a lost private key, and we recommended every one to have at least three protectors. So, we finally concluded that the number 3 should be represented in the name of our wallet. After a lengthy discussion, we called our wallet “Treble Wallet.”

Over the months everyone got used to this name, and nobody realized that ‘treble’ is not a very simple expression for many non-native speakers. When we started to roll-out our app, we realized, that many people had problems with type-in ‘treble’ correctly after having heard about it. Many mistook it with ‘travel,’ and some even understood ‘trouble,’ a word that you definitively do not want to bring in the context of a Bitcoin wallet.

Taking your feedback seriously, we realized that we needed a new name for our wallet. We decided to keep our logo because we received much positive feedback for that. We have heard that it looks sympathetic and friendly and that it is quite catchy.

After a long brainstorming and decision process, we have chosen the name ‘Tatoshi.’ With the name ‘Tatoshi’ we would like to pay tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin. However, ‘Tatoshi’ is not just a phantasy world. It is an old Japanese word, describing a special paper wrapper to protect Kimonos from bugs while being stored. The Kimono is the most expensive and elegant traditional Japanese garnet. So, a tatoshi protects one of your most valuable goods against viruses, could there be an any better description for a Bitcoin wallet? 

With the next release of our app, which is scheduled for the beginning of next week, we will do the rebranding of the app. We hope you like our new name and would be happy to receive further feedback from you. Because it is you, for whom we are developing our software.


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